Workplace Hero

Classroom: 3 days / 19hrs

Online: 7hrs at students own pace

Delivery: The 3 classroom days (First Aid at Work) can be completed at your workplace (minimum of 3 students) or you can join an open First Aid at Work course at our Training Centre in Staffordshire.


Complete classroom hours at our centre

Simply book your First Aid at Work and tell us you want to upgrade it to the Workplace Hero Package.

This package is a favorite to many of our clients. We strongly believe this to be an excellent developmental training bundle for any employee, not just those in a supervisory role. The package is exclusive to Mid County Safety and is partly completed in the classroom and at home/work, at the learner's own pace module by module.

Typically the course is completed over four days. However, the four online elements can be completed at the learner's own pace over a 12 month period, at work or home. Some of our clients have encouraged the online elements to be completed as part of a 'training & development plan' meaning each learner can complete the online elements over a longer period of time, rather than in one go.

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Full details of our Workplace Hero Package including individual course details and accreditation

Your staff member will be trained in how to deal with anything from a sprained ankle to a seizure, or even an arterial bleed. They will be shown the chain of infection and be able to proactively demonstrate how to break-the-chain from infectious agent or virus, to a vulnerable host. The staff member will be shown how to recognise and identify changes in behaviour and patterns due to mental health; more importantly, the individual will be shown appropriate methods of intervention. At the staff members own pace, they will be shown the most up to date methods of risk assessment and manual handling procedures, as well as being able to identify various characteristics of fire and how to effectively use the equipment available to them.

Each student is given their own unique log in details for our easy to use online suite. Our online training courses are extremely engaging and interactive. They were very much designed with the learner in mind and were developed with laser technology to keep the student engaged with the host throughout. As stated above they are accredited and approved by the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management, Continuing Professional Development and The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.