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Administering Emergency Medical Gases

Ofqual Accredited Advanced First Aid Qualification

Valid for 1 year

oxygen entonox medical gas course training

Duration: 1 day

Price: £65 per student

Minimum: 3 students

Maximum: 6 students

This regulated and nationally recognised Prehospital care qualification provides Learners with the knowledge, skills and understanding to deal with emergency care in a Prehospital environment where delivery of medical gases may be required.

Intended Audience

The QA Level 3 Award in Administering Emergency Medical Gases (RQF) has been specifically designed for those who have a responsibility for providing treatment to patients who need medical gases administrating in Prehospital care environments, such as: those working in the police force, fire service or private ambulance sector.

Course Overview

During this course, Learners will develop the necessary knowledge and skills needed for the safe, prompt and effective administration of emergency oxygen and analgesic agents. Topics covered include: pre-operational inspections and how to monitor and record its effects.